DIY sofa table

A Simple and Easy to Make Sofa Table

A Simple and Easy to Make Sofa Table

It’s Wednesday again and we all know what that means.  Yay!  I get to show you what I’ve been cooking up in the dungeon *cough* garage.  Today I have a custom built sofa table to show you.

This past week, I was a busy beaver.  Plus, also it was my birthday and my friends and family decided to surprise me.


Trying to cut a volcano cake is not easy.

Prior to building this sofa table, I had a Frankenstein-ish sofa table built out of bits and pieces of left over wood and body parts back there.  Just kidding.  It was kind of seen here, but not really.  Yeah that stuff behind the couch wasn’t just floating there.  Go figure.

I added the plans for this custom sofa table in a PDF at the bottom of this post for you kind folks to give it a try.  Isn’t that just the bees knees?!   I’m a giver.  I give.  It’s what I do.


*Important note: the 2x6x10 indicated in the plans is actually a 1x6x10.  I fixed it in the instructions but in the plans it’s still wrong.  Sowwy!

Sofa table plans

These are the things you will need.  One 1x6x10.  Mine cost about $9.  Make sure it is super straight and basically flawless.  Pretend you’re Tyra Banks and you’re searching for America’s Next Top Model.

Next you will need really 6 of the 2x2x8 boards but I would go with 7 because who wants to go back out to the store if you mess up.  They were $1.78 a piece and full of flaws, hence the extra one.  Pick the straightest ones with the least amount of knots.  Trust me you can’t drill through knots.

I cut my own boards using a mitre saw but some places will cut the lumber for you.  It helps if you look cute when you ask.  (Wink)

It’s best to use the tools I listed but other than the drill, it’s not completely impossible to build this without them.

Free DIY sofa table plans

Here is your cut list.


This build is pretty self explanatory.  You will use two of the long skinny boards and cut each of them into three 29 ½ inch pieces for a total of six boards. The next 4 will be each cut into two 33 ¾ inch and four 6 ⅜ inch pieces for a total of 8 large boards and 16 small boards. (I threw an extra one in there for just in case because really, you only need 15.)  (I drilled my pocket holes using a Kreg Jig on one end of each of the eight 33 3/4 inch boards, sanded, and stained all my cut pieces before assembling because momma didn’t raise no fool!)  

DIY sofa table

To put this bad boy together you will need to create three ladder type structures as shown in the image above using the 29 ½ inch pieces and the 6 ⅜ inch pieces.   (Before you start screwing, be mindful of your screw placement because some spots will have multiple screws going into the same places and you don’t want the screws to hit each other.)

Once you have your three ladders completed you will attach the tops and bottoms to the eight 33 ¾ inch pieces.  This is where it’s a little tricky, but you have a human brain and you can do this!  At the outer ends you will just straight screw them in.  See the diagram with the little screw pictures? The middle ladder is attached differently.

Free sofa table plans

Remember those pocket holes?  Well, they are for attaching the center ladder flawlessly.  They are hidden on the under sides as shown in the diagram.  Screw the center ladder in place and you now have a sturdy base for your top.  Luckily the 1x6x10 piece can just be screwed right on top of the frame.  (If you don’t have a Kreg Jig, you can toe-nail your screws.)



Free sofa table plans

Kiwi, my supervisor is inspecting my handy work.

DIY easy sofa table

Build yourself a custom behind the couch DIY sofa table. Great tutorial complete with free easy to follow printable plans.

Here are some tips to keep you from messing up:

  • Take your time picking out your wood and making your cuts.
  • Sand, drill pocket holes, and stain before hand. (I find it easier.)
  • Use a level and a square so your table won’t look wonky.
  • Measure compulsively before making cuts.
  • Remember that it’s only wood and it will go behind your couch. (Don’t be hard on yourself.)

I did some further *prettification* by painting the screw heads black and leaving them exposed and using a natural vinegar stain.   I hope you decide to give this simple DIY sofa table a try.  If you have any questions put them in the comments so everyone can benefit from the answer.  See y’all later alligators.

Click here for your custom sofa table plans.

Now let’s focus on decorating the top of this sofa table.  How cute and cheap are these things here though?

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  • Pili
    / Reply

    This comes really handy as I’ve been asked to make a huge sofa table (4 m. long) and had no idea how to do it. I don’t have a Kreg Jig but I think I can make it anyway. Pinning for the reference!
    I would love to invite you to share with us at the party I co-host every Tuesday on my blog. Enjoy the week!

    • Nydia
      / Reply

      If you use my plans, I would love to see it! I will be sharing on Tuesday for sure. Thanks for commenting.

      • Pili
        / Reply

        Of course I will show it if I finally make one! I am a bit scared about having to make something that big, but your how to seems easy and I am sure I can do it.

        I am stopping by to let you know this is going to be featured next week, so don’t forget to stop by and grab your button. And I would love to invite you to share this at our new Sweet Inspiration Party which is live every Friday,

        Enjoy the rest of the week!

        • Nydia
          / Reply

          Thank you so much for featuring me! It’s a really easy build so don’t be intimidated. I will definitely check out the new Friday link party. Thanks again!

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  • Daniel
    / Reply

    Are you sure the top board’s dimensions aren’t 1″x10″x6′ (a 1 by 10 that is 6 ft long)? It looks half as thick as the 2 by 2s used for the frame.

    • Nydia
      / Reply

      Yes darling you are right. I didn’t catch that. I will fix it.

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